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This was really charming and sweet! I loved the cutout aesthetic of the character designs, and I though the two protags’ voices would get annoying but the voice acting was on point for everyone! I also think the simple story was executed very well; it was well paced and well structured. The lip syncing was also done very well!

Overall this was a very nice watch; great work!

The way the Lo-Fight leitmotif snuck in so melancholically took me super off guard! The character interactions were super believable, the art worked incredibly well, and the pacing was great. Well done!

I like it a lot! Stylistically it's very striking; the character designs are all really nice. The aesthetic felt very cohesive and the characters' expressions and movements were incredibly dynamic.

The humor and tone really hit well and fit the style you were going for! The overly dramatic voice acting also worked incredibly here; it really helped to sell the world. Additionally the concept is really solid and has a lot of potential to expand; a supervillian school setting can go a lot of places both comedically and narratively, so that was a great choice of setting. Finally I really liked the protagonist; Spike was annoying in the best way possible, so great job on making him endearing!

In terms of things I wasn't too keen on, the animation was hit or miss; a great deal of it was very fluid and expressive but a bit was rough around the edges and could've used some cleanup and/or reworking. Additionally, a few pacing and dialogue/animation syncing issues held the short back a bit. (To your credit though, the pacing does improve as the toon goes on!)

Overall this was really nice, especially for your first toon! Great freakin' job!!!

N4sh0 responds:

Ohhh thank you so much for the review!!! I´m glad you like it, and I´ll make sure to take the advice into account for next time! :D
Hope to bring more episodes sooner than later

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Both of TappyWara's drawings feel specifically catered to me lol; I love angular art styles and Gildedguy & BF are two of my favorite characters right now, and Tappy did an excellent job translating them into that angular style.

Everyone else did great as well! I loved the mix of styles, and although I do wish there were more pics and that they were in a random order, this was a great April Fools Day joke.

TappyWara responds:

i love YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Funny but only kept my attention for a few seconds. The idea of killing FNF fans in the NG office is really novel but the hurtboxes on said FNF fans feels unfair. I do like the sprites however and I think the controls feel really nice, but ultimately it's just a high score chaser that ends in under a minute once you get FNF fan jumpscared. I think the game accomplishes what it sets out to do, but it feels like there could be something more.

I think the ship was a bit too large and clunky, and the enemies probably should have had different bullet colors to make them stand out more, but ultimately it was a serviceable little game. I like that there was light story that was never fully shown in-game; it reminds me of actual retro arcade titles.

EliteMasterEric responds:

Thank you for providing constructive feedback!

Ultimately, this was a quick project that purposefully ignored features like mobile support, additional powerups, a more elaborate ending fight, etc. It was mainly intended to be an exercise in constraining scope for the purpose of ensuring the game saw a proper release within the jam deadline; many of my previous projects and tech demos ended up in the scrapyard of unfinished projects and my absolute objective was to keep this from being one of them.

I'm definitely glad you found some fun playing the game, maybe we'll see a Space Damsel 2 someday.

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Love how happy and light this feels (it’s def helping to pick me up after a long day rofl). It’s a long track but it doesn’t overstay its welcome. It also loops very well. Only thing missing IMO is a strong melodic through line to really tie it all together; everything else is on point here. Awesome work on this one! Reminds me a lot of Nintendo’s digital store musics.

the transitions from 4/4 to 3/4 and back are so tasty dawg......

RADIALBEAT responds:

OK UR NOT GONNA BELIEVE ME BUT IT'S ACTUALLY A TRANSITION TO 12/8 LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO thank you though it means a lot, many people dislike my work and it's taken a bit of a toll on my mental health.
I keep hitting a wall and trying to improve my craft everyday as much as I can, until I can make people happy with my work.

This is super chill; love the vibe you have going. I started doing something else on my phone and forgot it was playing while I zoned out ‘til the song stopped. Really good stuff.

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I swear this image feels like magic. Terribly realistic and such a beautiful, melancholic mood. Amazing.

The goofier proportions you gave them really suits them much better, as does the clay art style. Great work on this reinterpretation!

You are such a vital resource to the AP Collab Server, dude. Your banners have such a distinct personality and really help our collabs pop.

AhWham responds:

Awww, Thank you man! I really appreciate it!

Howdy and hello, folks; my name is Christian Sasser, but you can call me MH4. I'm a Christian, a hobbyist video/music producer, and a third thing. I'm always open to collab on a project!

Christian Sasser @MasterHand4444

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